How to Plant Pechay in Backyard

Well there are many people wants to plant pechay in their backyard. This way they can get some sort of foods coming from it and they will not buy anymore at the market. Learn how to plant pechay in backyard.

Planting vegetable is awesome. Having a pechay garden at the backyard is very interesting because you can have some fun in growing it with the family. Those pechay can give some foods and make family more closer to each other. So here know how to build a pechay garden at your backyard with some simple steps.

But you need some simple tools to do it so here are the list of those materials needed in making pechay garden at the backyard.

Tools needed in making pechay garden at the backyard
  • Grab hoe
  • Rake
  • Pechay seeds
  • Seed box
  • Water
  • Trowel
  • Sprinkler
  • Organic fertilizer

So here is the steps on how to plant pechay at the backyard

1. Setting up the gardens plot

At the backyard of your house pick a nice and fine location where the pechay can grow well. The location should have be fitted by the sun so that it can get some sunlight that serve as it's food.

A good and open area will be better as more sunlight will be get. Also look for a place where there are no trees around because they have some sort of big roots that may cause you to hardly setup the soil. Also the trees might shade your pechay vegetable and the sun will be block so try to stay away from the trees.

When the place is okay then you need to prepare the soil. Using a tool called grab hoe, start cultivating the soil. This tool is very easy to use as you need to hold it on it's handle and start cultivating the soil.

When the soil is cultivated remove those grasses if there are and those unwanted materials that not needed in gardening. If there are some rocks, plastics, metals remove them as possible. And after that start pulvirizing the soil. Now we are good to go.

2. Germinating the pechay seeds inside the seed box

Well we really need first to germinate the seeds in the box so that we can assure that the seedlings are bigger enough to sustain it's growth and to have the ability to grow well in the plot. We can choice which seedlings we are going to plant.

Get the seed box and fill it with some soil. Loam soil will be fine, if you want you can also use sand soil but it is really recommended to use loam soil. Then get your pechay seeds and start putting the seeds inside the seed box. Put some cm distance per seeds so that they will not be crowded when grow.

Cover the seeds with some thin soil and then water it after. The seeds will germinate fast mainly after 3 or more days. After 2 weeks, we can do transplanting.

3. Transplanting of seedlings to the gardens plot

The seedlings are already 2 weeks old and let's do the transplanting. Get the seed box and go to the plot you make.

The first thing you need to do is water the seedlings first inside the seed box. This way the soil will be moist and it will be easy to move the seedlings.

Get a trowel or bolo if you want then slowly cultivate the soil. Try to prevent damaging the seedlings. Then when you get already some seedlings, start making some shallow deep hole around 2 inches on the plot and then plant the pechay seedlings now.

Cover the seedling with some soil and apply water after it. Make more holes and plant those pechay seedlings.

4. Watering the pechay

Watering the pechay can help to grow it well. Water the pechay once a day early in the morning. Why once a day? Well we want to prevent spreading or forming of bacterias and diseases on the soil so we need to keep it not too moist.

When the soil is too moist, diseases can be form so to avoid that we need to water the pechay once a day. But in case that the weather is too hot and you see that the soil is too dry, you can water the pechay twice a day.

5. Applying fertilizer

You can use organic fertilizer to make it grow bigger. This way you can see some bigger size leaves. Also organic fertilizer are free from chemicals and it is eco-friendly fertilizer.

But you can also use the comercial complete fertilizer 14-14-14 or the NPK. But we really recommended to use the organic one as you can save money from it.

6. Harvesting the vegetable

After 30 days you can already start harvesting the pechay at your backyard. But if you want to get some more bigger let it for almost 35 to 40 days more. This time it is more bigger and better.

You can uproot the vegetable as your way of harvesting. But if you want you can just get some few leaves per pechay and then consume it. This way the vegetable can still produce some decent leaves for more few days or weeks.

Planting Pechay at the the backyard is very awesome.

Thanks you for reading this article about how to plant pechay in backyard. Hope you learn something even as little as possible. More articles in our site and you can browse and look for something really helpful for you. Thank you and good day.